Sub groups

There are four sub groups of the board. Each sub group is responsible for delivering an action plan that supports the board in delivering it’s agreed priorities and overall business plan.


The communication and engagement sub group supports the board’s other sub groups in disseminating key messages to professionals, communities, families and individuals within Wigan Borough.

Methods of communication include:

  • Wigan Safeguarding Adult Board website
  • The joint (with WSCB) safeguarding newsletter
  • The WSAB Annual Report
  • Organisational email addresses
  • WSAB twitter feed (@WiganSAB)
  • WSAB conference commissioned videos
  • Print media is also used including, leaflets, factsheets, posters, press releases in local newspapers.

Face to face engagement includes:

  • Briefings, meetings, seminars and workshops
  • Banners/stalls at partner and community events
  • Consultation with adults at risk/carers and families and professionals
  • The joint (with WSCB) training programme
  • The WSAB Annual conference
  • WSAB safeguarding clinics in the community.

Learning and improvement

The learning and improvement sub group works to develop and deliver a robust quality assurance framework through collating and analysing a wider set of intelligence and data.

It aims for ownership by all stakeholders to ensure that it influences and effects positive change across all organisations and services.

It holds partners to account for the delivery of WSAB Lessons Learned Plans. These plans, which are created from reviews undertaken, detail the achievable and small targets and activity required to improve safeguarding outcomes.

This sub group is chaired by Paul Whitemoss.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

The Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) sub group contributes to the safeguarding of children and young people in the Wigan Borough through coordinating the partnership’s response to CSE.


The training sub group develops and provides a multi-agency training programme to help other agencies to work effectively to safeguard and promote the welfare of residents.