About the board

The Wigan Safeguarding Adults Board (WSAB) is made up of a partnership that agrees on how different services and professional groups will work together to safeguard adults at risk of abuse or neglect across the borough.

The Board oversees all organisations in Wigan and Leigh that work with adults at risk and have a responsibility to ensure the safeguarding system works well to protect them.

WSAB also help agencies communicate and work in partnership to tackle any problems with meeting priorities and helps maintain the principles and values of ‘The Deal’ and ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’.

Supporting role

The board helps and supports individual agencies to meet their responsibilities by providing:

  • A business plan with a framework for all multi-agency safeguarding activities
  • A range of public information
  • Opportunities to bring questions and issues to the Board and to be part of consultations
  • Multi-agency training and learning opportunities
  • Support in developing a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce
  • An annual report.