Who is at risk?

Abuse or neglect of adults can take place anywhere - including a person’s own home, a residential or nursing home, a day centre or in hospital.

A person may be more at risk of abuse if:

  • They are isolated and don't have much contact with friends, family or neighbours
  • They have memory problems or have difficulty communicating
  • They become dependent on someone as a carer
  • They don't get on with their main carer
  • Their carer is addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Their carer relies on them for a home, or financial and emotional support
  • They have a learning disability.

Unfortunately, those being abused or neglected are often the least likely or able to tell someone, and in many cases, the abuser is known to the person suffering the abuse.

The person causing the abuse might be:

  • A stranger
  • A paid or unpaid carer
  • A health or social care worker
  • A relative, friend or neighbour
  • Another resident of a care home or another service user
  • Someone who is supposed to provide a service to you
  • Someone who deliberately exploits vulnerable people, whether that person is already known to the vulnerable person or not.