Announcing our new safeguarding partnership

Wigan Safeguarding Adults Board and Wigan Safeguarding Children Board will merge to create one new partnership from September 2019. The new name will be Wigan Safeguarding Partnership.

Why are we changing?

Changes in government legislation has allowed partners in Wigan to think differently about how they work with each other, local children, young people, adults and families to safeguard them. Taking a real life course and “think family” approach, as well as trying out new ways of involving people in the shaping of safeguarding services and processes will bring together a re-focusing of how our partnership works in line with Wigan’s wider ambitions of public service reform and health and social care integration.

What will we do together?

Everyone will work together to achieve improved outcomes for children and adults at risk in the borough. Partners who have safeguarding responsibilities include agencies that work with children and adults. This includes the education, social care, housing, health, and the community sectors. This work will be underpinned by robust and effective governance and accountability and positive values. A key focus will be on shifting our learning to promote early intervention and prevention across the partnership.

The new safeguarding partnership will be subject to objective public inspection to help continuous improvement and will function alongside the Wigan's The Deal. This means that the new partnership will continue to work with the borough’s residents to support them to live free from abuse and neglect. The voices of children, their families and adults at risk will be at the centre of everything the new safeguarding partnership does.

Why are the new arrangements so important?

The new partnership will continue to fulfil its responsibilities under both the Care Act and Working Together, but crucially will allow us to test new ways of working, preventing and intervening when people need safeguarding. Taking an all age approach will help partners work together in radical ways on key safeguarding issues like neglect and transition.

Our delivery groups will contribute to our Deal 2030 ambitions and focus on supporting the wider partnership in achieving its ambitions in integrating public services within communities. To achieve this, we aim to ensure the voices of children, their families and adults at risk will be at the centre of everything the new safeguarding partnership does.

What do the new arrangements mean locally?

These arrangements cover the Wigan borough local authority and the children and adults at risk who live within the boundaries. It also covers the children that the local authority has responsibility for who live elsewhere. This important work will form a key part of supporting and protecting adults, young people and children who live in our communities.

These new arrangements also link in with wider community partnerships, enabling the strengthening of individuals and communities, and ensuring it's fit for purpose and fits in with the borough’s visions of the future.

Worried about a child or an adult?

  • To report concerns about a child call 01942 828300
  • To report concerns about an adult call 01942 828777
  • If a person is in immediate danger phone 999
Posted on Wednesday 2nd October 2019